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TTLIFE 2PCS Silikon Zange Silicone Tongs BBQ clip Küchenzange Grillzange Grillbesteck Zange  Greifzange Mehrzweckzange  Perfekter küchenhelfer zum kochen servieren Grill Buffet salat Eis Ofen Fleisch Spaghetti Wurst Zwei Dimensionen fünf Farben (Schwarz)

Product description • 1 * 9”Inch Tongs 1*12” Inch Tongs • Heat resistant silicone heads up to 480°F • 100% FDA Grade, BPA Free silicone • Non-Stick Friendly – perfect for both non-stick cookware or the grill • Hygienic silicone molded onto scalloped steel heads so they do not come apart and nowehere for bacteria… Read More »